Tuesday, January 17, 2012

About "Punch In the Neck": A Martial Arts Film Review...

Pai Mei - Kill Bill 2
"What is this 'Punch In the Neck' you speak of?"

"Punch in the Neck" is a phrase I often use to describe when you get entirely blindsided and taken down by something or someone. Though I use it frequently to describe the often tragic nature of my adult existence, I love to use it in relation to the 3rd love of my life, Martial Arts Films.

What you say? A chick that digs martial arts films?

Yes. I don't just "dig" them. I adore them in every way. Nothing says "good times" like seeing guys/gals fly through the air, landing bone crunching punches, followed by impossible explosions and people diving through flames. There isn't any psychotic deciphering of story, no girly emotional love story with violins, not a whole lot of dialog about feelings. Just a basic storyline with a whole lot of "beat down", aka Punch In the Neck.

So, why this blog?

Why does anyone write any blog? Because we deeply enjoy to talking about and sharing with you the things we LOVE. For me, it's martial arts movies.

In this blog I strive to share with you the latest martial arts movie that I've watched. I will do my best to provide a enjoyable review, provide actor and director information, and any other pertinent information that you may want.

My movies will come from both online and brick and mortar locations, and will include both the latest films, along with old school classics. Along with my co-author and dear "Tuesday Night Kung Fu Movies" cohort, MJ Lexvold, we will strive to provide you with the most enjoyable, entertaining, and fun reviews possible.

So, sit back, enjoy, and prepare for what is "Punch In the Neck".

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